5 Signs You're Dating A Scrub!

We’ve all been there.
Some of us have been luckier than others by detecting the signs earlier on.
Others have not been as fortunate.

As the month of love begins, here’s a handy-dandy guide to detect whether or not that new person in your life is a total scrub!

  • He complains about your ambition & your work ethic. Reason why he's probably complaining? Other than the obvious self esteem issues? Uh, probably because he's sitting at home. Doing nothing. No job, no internships, nothing. Might as well do some exercise and run his mouth, right?
  • He waits for things to happen for him rather than getting up and pursuing it himself. He sits, talks big, but nothing comes out of it. He’s all talk. It never results in anything. If a dude’s all talk, and his track record shows otherwise - he’s a total scrub. You should be with a PROACTIVE man, not a man who lets life pass by.
  • He ALWAYS has an excuse for something. He doesn’t own up and apologize. There’s always an excuse with this guy. He messes up big time, there’s an excuse. He’s going to flake on you, there’s an excuse. Be with someone who takes ownership of their mistakes. Be with someone who is MENTALLY MATURE ENOUGH to comprehend that! Seriously. So tired of this.
  • The first thing he says to you when you tell him you finally received an incredible opportunity (job, internship,etc…) is, “Wow. Now you won’t have any time for me.” Thanks for minimizing all the work I put in to finally get what I really wanted, you gigantic jerk. I hate this type of attitude. This is such bullshit. If my man got one hell of a job promo, I’m going to be rootin’ for him. If he can’t do that for me, then he’s gone. Only ever surround yourself with supportive people - from friends to family to significant others.
  • You finally say yes to a date, and he's too busy checking his phone, scrolling through his IG feed, sending texts back and forth with the boyz. So, so rude. Look, I get it, you’re busy. I'm busy, too. We set up this date at this time because we were both free. That being said, get the hell off your phone and talk to me. I didn’t put on this make-up and this outfit for nothing.

I hope this mini guide helps you out there, my friends.

TLC didn’t write my favorite track, “No Scrubs,” for nothing!

Be smart in the dating sphere!