Chuckin' Up The Deuces to 2017!

Have you seen that popular tweet floating around on Twitter that sums up 2017 perfectly?


Well, here you go:



Is this not the most accurate post?!

This year was a roller coaster ride, and I’m still dizzy from its near end.

Everything that could go right, did.
Everything that could go wrong, definitely did.
Like the infamous Kylie Jenner once said, “This is the year of, like, realizing stuff.”

Sorry for the vintage meme use, but I mean, this was way more applicable for me in 2017 than 2016.

I think I did most of my realizing, growing, and a good portion of my maturing this past year, and I do not regret it one, single bit.

In 2017, I realized I deserve more than I think I do. I don’t mean that in the typical, entitled millennial sort of way. I mean it in a, “hey, quit letting people treat you like less than you are and getting away with it” sort of way.

It’s unfair to let people walk all over you and consistently take from you when they don’t treat you with the same respect. First of all, who raised you? Second of all, hi! I’m a human being, too!

I’m over letting people get away with everything. That’s not going to fly anymore.

I’m promising myself that 2018 will be the year that I‘m a little more selfish with myself.

After all, who’s going to look after me better than me?

In 2017, I realized I’m not ready to commit to someone that isn’t myself. I juggle a job, an internship, and 18 units at school. My plate is full, and I’m not trying to add on something else that’s going to make me stress out more than it should.

Relationships are work, I get that, and I can’t put in that kind of work at the moment. Much respect to everyone around me who’s able to. Y’all are real MVPs.

Last, but certainly not least, I realized that dreams come true. I hate how cheesy that sounds, but if you read my last blog post, you understand! You know my internship was the highlight of 2017. It’s exactly why I’m returning for Spring 2018 ;)

This year was full of so many realizations and I’m happy that I’m ending it the way I am. It’s a happier ending than I expected, and it has me so excited for the next 12 months!

I’m ready to tackle 2018 and seriously make it my year.

Are you?