Heeeey, Brother!

I hope you all read that blog title in Avicii's voice.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxIiPLVR6NA

If you don't already know, April 10th is National Sibling's Day! So, HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY TO ALL WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO NOT BE AN ONLY CHILD! (Sorry single kid households. It's our time to shine today!)

Growing up with two older brothers is SO not easy. I had to be quicker, more clever, and smarter than them. And, to be honest? 99.9% of the time I wasn't - which resulted in some unfortunate incidents. Let's not go down that particular path of memory lane.

Instead, let me give you the briefest glimpse into what I've picked up on through the years, and how despite all the injuries and yelling matches, I still come on top as a winner.

  1. Honestly, you’ll never get away with anything because they’ve done it all, and they know your tricks better than you do. This pushed me to be more clever with my lies and time my strategies in a way where I would not be questioned. Again, half the time, I was caught, or I got scared and never followed through. To all the younger siblings out there who have older bros at home, good luck.

  2. Hey, at least you'll probably be better at sports than most of the boys in your elementary/middle school class - that’s going to get you major popularity points. Not to brag, but I was always one of the first picks during our lunch time soccer games. *brushes dirt off my shoulder* 

  3. Emotional toughness. BIG time emotional toughness. 

  4. All the cool, older kids knew you when you were growing up. That was awesome. Not gonna lie. Totally got perks every now and then back in elementary school, especially from the girls who were obsessed with them. S/O to the free goods during any bake sale we had! 

  5. They have your back. No, really. If someone messes with you in the worst way, best believe your big bro will be there in an instant. And even if you end up forgiving them, your brother probably won’t. Also, good luck trying to explain 'girl friendship politics' to them because that definitely won't fly with them.

  6. They teach you how to fight. “You need to learn how to protect yourself! I’m not always there!” My older, middle brother straight up taught me how to swing at someone and defend myself. We practiced this on our oldest brother. Sorry, dude. 

  7. BEST. ADVICE GIVERS. EVER. If I ever had boy drama, I knew whose brain to pick first. If I ever mentioned anything slightly off-putting, they always knew right away what that tool was trying to do. 

  8. They have cool t-shirts and sweaters. I sometimes swipe my older brother’s t-shirts and turn it into a #look. Plus, copping his basic t-shirts helps me save $$, too. 

  9. They keep things painfully real. They don’t sugarcoat anything for you. If your makeup or outfit looks bad, they’ll straight up say what they’re thinking without holding back. It can be harsh, but you need that type of reality check sometimes. They keep it 100 with you, and I appreciate that SO much. I don't want to walk out of the house looking like a total clown! Thanks, guys!

  10. If your lucky to have the type of brothers I do, they're ride or die. They'll go to hell and back for you because that's what a down AF sibling does. If you're in a low place, they got you. You need help in any shape or form, they got you. No matter how big or small, they're there. No, seriously. One of my favorite memories ever was when my older bro busted it to San Diego with me and my friend so we could see One Direction before they went on hiatus. Or hey, they might bust you out of school every once in a while - very rare, but if you really need it and they're free, they'll pull through. 

Being the youngest sibling, but also being the only girl, was not easy. There were several fights along the way, like every healthy sibling bond. There were broken windows - sorry, Mom. There were injuries because we're a group of ragtag idiots.

And as cheesy as this entire post may have been, I would never trade my bros for anything in the world.