The Fault In Our Words

I love to talk.
I’ll talk when I’m waiting for my food at a cafe.
I’ll talk when previews are playing at the movie theatre.
I’ll talk when I’m waiting in line at Harry Potter World in Universal Studios.

Unfortunately for all of my closest friends and family, I never shut the hell up.

I never realized, though, who could actually be listening in on what I’m saying.
I never really thought of who might be hearing me whine or complain about whatever it is I’m complaining about.

To be fair, I don’t think many of us realize that what we’re saying could be easily overheard.
And if you’re around kids, your words are probably going to be absorbed into their minds as well.

And that should make you (and myself) stop and think for a second.

How many times have we complained about ourselves?
Spoken negatively about features we can’t just change overnight?
Complained about our thighs or our arms being too jiggly?
Our constant self-criticism leads us to believe that everything about our bodies is out of balance.

What’s really out of balance is the way we talk about ourselves, especially in front of younger kids. Particularly, little girls.
Kids are sponges - they seriously absorb everything!
Say something ridiculous in front of a 5 year old and see how fast that child picks it up and repeats it.

We all have younger cousins that eavesdrop on our conversations.

They might catch us staring at ourselves in the mirror or overhear us whining about some dumb shit we have no control over.

Some of us may have part-time jobs as babysitters or coaches.
Or we might spend our summers as a counselor to a cabin or tent full of young girls.

They see how we look at ourselves.
They hear what we say about ourselves.
And if we’re alwaaays complaining about the tiniest of things about our presence, that’s going to stick with them.

In a society that profits off of a girl’s self-doubt, we should remind ourselves to love ourselves even more. The biggest motivator for so many of these companies is that young women, young girls all around the world are so self-conscious about themselves.
Hair, body, outfits, everything!

I know this isn’t an issue that can be modified overnight, but it’s an issue that requires us all to try fixing.

You owe that to your younger self and the generation that follows.

I always preach kindness.
It doesn’t kill to be kind to others, right?
If we want the world to become a better place, we should always be nicer to each other anyway.

But hey, here’s a wild concept: Be nicer to yourself.
Show yourself more love.
Be patient with yourself.
Think more positively about yourself.

Today is world kindness day.

I urge you to become more conscientious of your words and your thoughts.
I urge you to give and show love to yourself.
I urge you to be kind to yourself.

You deserve that type of love.