Things Harry Styles Did: THAT!

About three years ago ago today, I went to San Diego to see One Direction live in concert for the last time.

Yesterday, I went to the Forum in Inglewood to witness Harry Styles, live, as a solo star on his sold out tour.

Long story short: I have never been more touched by a human being than within those two and a half hours I watched Harry Styles on stage.

A bonafide superstar, Styles once again proved why he continues to dominate the hearts of millions around the world. With that captivating stage persona and the voice to match, it's obvious why he only rises higher and higher. After his extensive touring schedule, it’s expected to be exhausted after singing for hours on end practically every day in each city, but a hint of fatigue was not evident. Not once did he run out of breath control, sit down, or give less than his 110% to his fans.

Not only does he deliver each and every song with the same enthusiasm as the first, but he’s so hyper-aware of his blessings that in between so many parts of the show, he continued to thank all those in his presence. The words “thank you” never seem to stop leaving his lips. Never before had I felt so appreciated. 


The simplistic visuals and the intensity of the strobe lights perfectly complemented each song they were designed for. Shout out to his production team!

Songs from his debut album, songs he wrote with One Direction, unreleased songs THAT WE STILL NEED HQ STUDIO VERSIONS OF, and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” and Ariana Grande’s “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” were all a part of his set list. By the way, I never knew “What Makes You Beautiful” could be so rock n roll until last night.

Iconic. Truly iconic.

“This is for everyone who might need it,” Styles began, “This is ‘Sign of the Times.” In front of me, was a loved-up couple who did not sit down or tire out for a single second. Lowkey, I fell in love with their love. With his arms wrapped around her, the two sang along and danced to the song as if they were in their own world. People holding onto each other, people lost in a daze, so many people simply in awe...

Looking around the sold-out stadium, I saw thousands of people holding up their cell phones, their lights on, as we all swayed to Harry’s voice.

It felt like everyone needed that moment of healing.

And it was all so magical.

My heart has never felt so full.

Who knew a song had so much power?

I could sit here and depict every minute of the concert, giving you all a play by play of each song, each hilarious moment (“this is a family show! ... or is it?!”), but I must admit - what mattered most from that evening was the amount of genuine love and kindness that was obvious in the atmosphere.

We often hear about how mean girls could be to each other.

We often hear cruel stories of how bullying breaks the souls and hearts of so many young ones.

Never before in my life had I seen so many strangers come together in unity, and in love, up until yesterday.

While taking pictures, girls passed by yelling compliments at one another, hyping each other up in front of life-sized photos of Styles, and spreading kind compliments based on one another’s unique outfits. People were so damn nice to each other without a reason to be, and to see that kind of attitude in a modern-day world that’s always so mean, is the most beautiful freakin’ thing in the world.


“Treat people with kindness” is the motto Harry Styles is known for. On the floors of various parts of the venue were decals with that phrase, and his fans continue to uphold this motto towards one another.

To say the least, I had never felt so safe in a surrounding of strangers.

The power of Harry Styles shines bright. 

Through the years, Harry Styles has been defined by the media with so many labels, yet the only one that matters and should be spread far more often is this: he is a beacon of hope.

He sets the standard of what it means to be a genuinely nice human being.

How often do we see a young, 24 year old man with all the fame and money in the world insist upon kindness and love upon every chance they get?

How often do we see them express gratitude to their young fans, to the hardworking crew backstage that makes their dreams a reality? 

How often do we see artists create safe spaces? Safe spaces where fans have felt comfortable enough to come out to their parents while at their shows?

Harry Styles is a beacon of hope for us all, and I think we could all take a note from his book.

According to Harry, I had one job last night and it was to have the absolute time of my life.

And I did.

Cheers to you, Styles.


*All photos taken by me*