When The Music's Over

The coolest thing about being an intern at Warner Music Group is that you receive your own name badge, which gives you access into the building and all floors that belong to Warner.

Yes, that includes the 2nd level, home to Atlantic Records. Also known as, the home of the greatest coffee machine to ever exist. If you intern there, please take advantage of that. It's heavenly.

This name badge is the greatest perk ever, and it’s easily the number one best thing about my internship.

Okay, I'm kidding.

The personalized name badge is not the only cool thing, but hey, it sure makes me feel special!

This past semester, I had the opportunity to be a digital marketing intern for Rhino Entertainment, the catalog label for Warner Music. If you're not too familiar with Rhino, I'm sure the names Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, and Notorious B.I.G. might ring a bell.

Pick your jaw off the floor - you’re starting to look like how I did when I was offered the position.

If you apply for an internship at Warner and you're placed with Rhino, you should consider yourself so beyond lucky. Everyone here is ridiculously fantastic.

I promise I wasn't paid to say that.

Let me give you a visual.

Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Loud. Scattered. SUPER loud. Love, and lots of it.

Yeah, now picture that in an office setting, with so many cubicles and private offices that always have open doors. Welcome to Rhino.

Everyone leans on each other. There are jokes tossed around left and right. To work in a creative field, you want your environment to give you the opportunity to comfortably communicate and enjoy yourself. At Rhino, I felt at ease almost a week into my internship. I could crack jokes with many of my supervisors, grab coffee from time to time, and pitch my own creative ideas.

For the first time, it felt like my opinions mattered.

For the first time, my opinions weren’t just words written in essays for my professor to read. Instead, they were ideas expressed vocally to those above me in order to be of assistance for campaigns. And, you know what? These ideas were actually taken into consideration.

Talk about awesome.

Some of my daily tasks include, but were not limited to, conducting research for the artists on our rosters, creating social media content, and preparing press kits to send out to local radio stations or record stores. There were so many tasks to complete, and I loved learning how each assignment assisted the company and its artists.

Moving forward, let me tell about our company’s president.

The president of the company is probably one of the most admirable people in a higher up position. Unlike many people in his position, he actually makes an effort to remember people’s names. Yes, even the intern’s names. Especially the intern with the difficult, Armenian name. Respect and many thank you’s to you, Mr. Pinkus.

To all those who plan to intern at Warner Music, let me give you a few quick tips:

  • Be proactive! Always look to help out those around you. 
  • Walk around the office and greet people. Say hi! Be familiar with everyone. It helps you out BIG TIME.
  • Go the extra mile. Do something more than you're expected to. It'll be appreciated.
  • TAKE NOTES! I cannot stress how important it is to own a journal and take notes.
  • Make sure to double check what your supervisor is asking you to do. After they give you a task, reiterate it and make sure you understood clearly. This'll prevent you from making a huge mistake and having to redo the task all over again.

Y'know, being an intern under the Warner Music umbrella, particularly within Rhino, I was able to grow into a more confident version of myself. I was pushed to my creative limits. My supervisors became my friends, and even, my mentors. I could ask questions, learn from those around me, and crack jokes along the way. What more could I ask for from an internship?

My oldest brother once told me, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

And, it’s true.

To everyone who thinks their professional dreams are a waste of time, you are absolutely wrong.

Keep working. Keep grinding. Keep hustling.

Dreams come true.

I promise.

P.S. Did you catch my title reference? 

All photos taken by Amanda Lac.

All photos taken by Amanda Lac.